Cozy Up with a Clever Book!

First, a shout-out to our Thriller Book Club – y’all are a HOOT! If you missed Tuesday’s, no worries, you can catch up with us in December for the last thriller club of the year, discussing a book we’re already loving, The Cloisters!

Second, be safe during what may be some crazy weather from Nicole today and tomorrow. It should all be out of here by Saturday, so stop in and meet Cheryl Oliver and grab a signed copy of Ghosts of the Hunley.

Third – TEACHER APPRECIATION NIGHT! Tell all the teachers you know – it’s Sunday, it’s FREE, and we have LOTS of wonderful freebies to show our appreciation for Summerville teachers!!!

Now, get cozy and cuddle up with a new book while we wait out the weather. ‘Til we see you on Main Street, stay safe and read on…

November Book Picks…

FANTASTIC new picks this month!

Nominate Your Favorite Bookseller

If you’ve discovered a new writer or a new favorite book with the help of one of us, you can return the favor by nominating one for the James Patterson Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program.

Patterson has pledged a personal contribution of $250,000, to be distributed in amounts of $500, to 500 booksellers around the country! Nominations can be made online by completing and submitting a simple nomination form, which asks one easy question: “In 250 words or less, why does this bookseller deserve a holiday bonus?”

The deadline to nominate a bookstore employee for a holiday bonus is November 16, 2022. Your Main Street Reads booksellers eligible for nomination include (in alphabetical order): Eleanor Mead, Shari Stauch, Makayla Summers and Emma Wood, who we’re proud to say won this award in 2020!

Coming Up on Main Street…

Book Signing: Cheryl Oliver’s Ghosts of the Hunley
Teacher Appreciation Night at Main Street Reads!
November Living Large Bookclub: Hester by Laurie Lico Albanese
Summerville Tree Lighting and Live Window Displays TUESDAY NOVEMBER 29TH!

December 2022

Booksigning: Whatever Happens Probably Will by John MacIlroy
Book Signing: A Step in the Magical Woodlands by Elizabeth Grace Smith
Summerville Holiday Parade SUNDAY DECEMBER 11TH
December 13TH Thriller Book Club: The Cloisters by Katy Hays
December 20TH Living Large Bookclub: Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

Main Street WRITERS Rock

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As Main Street Writes grows, you’ll see new faces and veteran talent emerge through short, potent pieces each week. No entry will take more than a few minutes to digest, though most will stick to your ribs long after the reading…We encourage you to stop by each week, enjoy an original work of literary art, and share it (and its author) with everyone you know! ENJOY THE READS…