See Your Book on Our Shelves!

So, you have a new book… and no doubt it’d look beautiful on the appropriate shelf at Main Street Reads! If you are a traditionally published author, please send us order details (price, publisher, ISBN #) to Self-published author? No problem, we have an easy consignment program for you. PLEASE read the guidelines first and follow the instructions.

View/Download consignment guidelines by CLICKING HERE or on the image at right:


As you do signings and talks, invariably a new reader will walk up and say the words that are your true test: “What’s Your Book About?”

You need to be able to tell them in SECONDS not minutes (and so do we!) so if you haven’t practiced this yet, here’s a great cheater formula used by both the film and book industry to prompt the right “logline” – it’s called a “Killogator” – fill in your info to make it your own, read it, practice it, memorize it, live it!

In a [Setting] a [Protagonist] has a [Problem] (caused by an [Antagonist]) and (faces [Conflict]) as they try to (achieve a [Goal]).

Book Signings and Events

Are you interested in a book signing, launch party or other event at Main Street Reads? Please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. NOTE: We get dozens of requests each week, please allow up to 4 weeks for us to respond an trust that we are reading each query – Thank you!