Calling All Readers and Writers

Okay, Main Street Reads tribe – you asked and we’re answering: We’re now officially collecting names and interests to establish book clubs and writers groups.

If you have interest in EITHER, head to this SHEET link and give us your name/email and fill in your preferred club or writer group themes (an example is shown).

We’ll compile and start a thread with each of the relevant groups to establish times/locations – and then the fun begins!

If you prefer to email us your preferences, use and tell us in the header either “Readers Group” or “Writers Group” and we’ll get you on the appropriate thread.

Coming Up

Join us after 5 p.m. tomorrow for our first “Third Thursday” event, Music & Lyrics, featuring authors E. David Moulton and Mary Ogden Fersner, with musical stylings by Michael Kaltofen! Learn more at

We’ll have several more book signings announced in Sunday’s newsletter. Have an idea or an author you’d like to see featured? Drop us a line or connect with us on our Facebook page!

18 thoughts on “Calling All Readers and Writers”

  1. All the translated fiction you can stock both hardback or trade sized. Heavy influence in Russian, Swedish, German, Spainish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian or Indo China authors.

  2. I don’t know how to add to the list, but I’m interested in the book club, and my favorite is fiction (Gothic/horror, mystery, historical Christian, Amish, regional, American, British , thrillers, some fantasy, some scifi). I also write, but I’m busier grading writing than composing now, so that’s on hold for the time being

  3. Hi…My name is Aislinne and I’m a recovery addict and alcoholic. I discovered a book called Addiction Manifesto recently in Charleston County. I really could relate to the authors life and experiences and it offered me strength and gave me hope to be able to recover from my addictions. I have 9 months sober tomorrow 3/21/19 and would really love to meet the author and have my book signed. JR Weaver has truly been an inspiration in my new life of sobriety. I would recommend this book to anyone who is dealing or has dealt with addiction. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Aislinne and we’re working on it 🙂 Congratulations on your sobriety – celebrate your accomplishment on the first day of spring – an awakending to be sure!

  4. interested in writers group for the want to be a writer but don’t have a current piece started.

  5. I’d like to join the writers group. I’ve written lots of term papers, but never dialogue.

  6. Shari, I’d love to participate in some book groups. As you know, my main interest is nonfiction, but I also love classic literary fiction. I will be leaving Charleston at the end of the summer, so I wouldn’t be able to participate for long. Maybe just over the summer.

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