Kicking Back With Some Literary Light Ups!

First, we hope you were all able to enjoy this past weekend. We did some virtual time with family, cooked a lot, and even did some coloring (yes, with real coloring books and colored pencils). Just not staring at a screen for a whole day was refreshing.

So we’re back on the screens this week and so excited to head to the 5 p.m. virtual author event with Steven Wright, talking about the new Okra Pick book, The Coyotes of Carthage. We hope you’ll attend too! (It’s free – just email us at for your link and password). Learn more about the book, the author, and the event HERE!

Meanwhile, several other items are below to keep you engaged ’til we “meet” again on Sunday. And if you’re craving some one-on-one conversation about books, feel free to call us at 843-875-5171 or drop us a line. We’re currently in the process of photographing our shelves to feature on social media and in our posts, but we also encourage you to visit our online shop HERE. New lists are being added as fast as we can conjure ’em up. If you have a list you’d like to see us curate, again, call or drop us a line at!

Get Inspired!

Not everyone’s slogging their way through Netflix. Booksellers association turned us onto this cool site documenting companies from around the world who are pivoting or innovating to implement creative solutions for everything from food distribution to rides to hospitals for blood drives and more. Inspiring stuff – take a look:


Chances are, if you live in South Carolina and you read, you’ve read Pat Conroy. We lost Pat four years ago on March 4th… right about the time of year things started going surreal here this year. I wonder what Pat would have thought about all this… and what sage words he might have imparted with his particular brand of wit and wisdom. Below, an interview with the Pat Conroy Literary Center’s incomparable Jonathan Haupt, and an older interview with Pat himself you may enjoy!

Visit our Prince of Scribes curated list HERE or call Main Street Reads for a personal recommendation!

Need a brush-up on your Pat Conroy titles? Visit our link to his bookshelf HERE, or call us for curbside delivery of one of his titles or a book about Pat…

Read Your Socks Off!

What is is about socks that, well, knocks our socks off? Warm, soft socks are sometimes the ultimate in self care. And okay, these socks are adorable. Visit HERE to order your reader-themed socks from (our audiobooks partner) is promoting these 10 clever sock designs; grabbing a pair or two supports the #saveindiebookstores campaign through’s donation of proceeds to Binc, the book industry charitable foundation.

Through the support of Binc, philanthropic author James Patterson, Reese’s Book Club, the American Booksellers Association (ABA), and readers, their creative efforts are raising $ to assist independent bookstores — the hearts and souls of main streets in cities and towns all across the United States. Learn more about the #saveindiebookstores campaign HERE.

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See you at 5 p.m. for our virtual event and we’ll be back on Sunday with more gifts and goodies! (Don’t forget to visit our “Free Stuff” tab above for free book chapters and kid’s activities).