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2019 Official Pulpwood Queen Book Club Selections



MARCH 2019

APRIL 2019

MAY 2019

JUNE 2019

JULY 2019




  • When The Men Were Gone: A Novel by Marjorie Herrera Lewis
  • Bonus Books: 
  • Warrior’s Code 001: 7 Vital Steps to Resiliency by Mark E. Green with Echo Montgomery Garrett;
  • Waffle House Rules by Joe Formichella;
  • A World of Hurt and Dead and Buried (Wilkie John Western Series) by Tim Bryant


  • The Widows: A Novel by Jess Montgomery
  • Bonus Books:
  • Life in Lyrics by Connor Garrett;
  • Red Mountain and Red Mountain Rising by Boo Walker;
  • Steal Away Home by Billy Coffey


  • The Library Book by Susan Orleans
  • Bonus Books:  
  • Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Tom Hanks;
  • The Lost Words by Robert McFarland

2018 Official Pulpwood Queen Book Club Selections


  • Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel by Jamie Ford
  • Bonus Books:
  • A Celebration of Words: Volume One: Essays from Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke;
  • Andre Dubus by Kacey Kowars


  • A Second Blooming: Becoming The Women We Are Meant To Be – Editor, Susan Cushman
  • Bonus Books: Devotions for the Hungry Heart by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson;
  • The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

MARCH 2018

  • Once in a Blue Moon Lodge by Lorna Landvik
  • Bonus Books:
  • Cook & Tell: Recipes and Stories from Southern Kitchens by Johnathan Scott Barrett;
  • Perennials by Julie Cantrell;
  • Cherry Bomb by Susan Cushman
  • Children’s Book: When I Was Small by Tamra Bolton

APRIL 2018

  • Love of Finished Years by Gregory Erich Phillip
  • Bonus Books:
  • The Velveteen Daughter by Laurel Davis Huber;
  • Because You Love Us by Christa Allan;
  • Red Carpet Rivals by Bobbi Kornblit
  • Children’s Book: The Velveteen Rabbit by Marjery Williams

MAY 2018

  • In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills: A Novel by Jennifer Haupt
  • Bonus Books:
  • The Garden of Letters by Alyson Richman;
  • The Songs of Trees: Stories From Nature’s Great Connectors by David George Haskell;
  • The Faerie Handbook by Carolyn Turgeon

JUNE 2018

  • To The Stars Through Difficulties by Romalyn Tighman
  • Bonus Books:
  • Spells and Oregano: Book Two: The Secret Spice Café by Patricia V. Davis;
  • To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts by Caitlin Hamilton Summie;
  • Return of the Wolf by Jennifer Mueller

JULY 2018

  • The Secret Life of Mrs. London by Rebecca Rosenberg
  • Bonus Books:
  • Oliver’s Song by Linda Busby Parker;
  • Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature by Linda Lear;
  • The Neon Palm of Madame Melancon by Will Clarke


  • The Gentleman from Moscow by Amor Towles
  • Bonus Books:
  • Wickwthe Hall by Judithe Little;
  • Linny’s Sweet Dream List,
  • Sweet Carolina Morning, AND
  • Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild


  • The Language of Trees: A Novel of Utopian Dreams by Steve Weigenstein
  • Bonus Books:
  • Hallellujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy by Anne Lamott;
  • Midnight Blue by Simone Van Der Vlugt;
  • Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley


  • Prince of Scribes, assorted essays as writers remember Pat Conroy – Editor, Nicole Seitz
  • Bonus Books:
  • Are You Sleeping: A Novel by Kathleen Barber;
  • Southernmost: A Novel by Silas House


  • Step Out, Step Up
  • AND
  • Warrior’s Code 101 by Mark E. Green with Echo Garrett
  • Bonus Books:
  • I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around by Ann Garvin


  • Hawke’s Prey AND Hawke’s War by Reavis Wortham
  • Bonus Books:
  • In Plain Sight by Kathryn Casey;
  • Smith: A Novel by Sara Knoll Dahmen;
  • Caroline: Little House Revisited by Sarah Miller

2017 Official Pulpwood Queen Book Club Selections


  • The Orphan Mother by Robert Hicks
  • Bonus Books:
  • George Washington Carver by Christina Vella;
  • Spirit Boosters for Journey of Aging: 365 Devotions by Missy Buchanan


  • A Lowcountry Heart: Reflections on a Writing Life by Pat Conroy
  • Bonus Books:
  • A Lowcountry Coloring Book by Melissa Conroy;
  • Building a Life You Love After Losing the Love of Your Life by Myra McElhaney;
  • Since You Have Been Gone by Christa Allan

MARCH 2017

  • News of the World: A Novel by Paulette Jiles
  • Bonus Books:
  • The Secret Life of Hummingbird Cake: A Novel by Celeste Fletcher McHale;
  • Ladies in Low Places: Stories by Mary Ann Henry;
  • Possessed: The Infamous Texas Stiletto Murder by Kathryn Casey

APRIL 2017

  • The Book of Polly: A Novel by Kathy Hepinstall Parks and Becky Hepinstall Hilliker
  • Bonus Books:
  • Center Ring by Nicole Wagoner: Adelicia: Grace, Grit & Gumption by Joyce Blaylock;
  • WORLD CUISINE: My Culinary Journey Around the World, Vol 1 by Juliette Haegglund

MAY 2017

  • One Good Mama Bone by Brenda McClain
  • Bonus Books:
  • Guts: Find Your Greatness, Beat the Odds, Live From Passion by Sam Bracken;
  • Unraveled: A Red River Mystery by Reavis Wortham;
  • May Day by Karen Harrington

JUNE 2017

  • The Velvet Hours by Allyson Richman
  • Bonus Books: Sisters by Lisa Wingate; Before We Were Yours: A Novel by Lisa Wingate;
  • Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey; What Matters Most by Kellie Coates Gilbert
  • Doctor Kinney’s Housekeeper by Sara Dahmen

JULY 2017

  • Lightning Struck by Ashley Mace Havird
  • Bonus Books:
  • Bootstrapper by Mardi Link;
  • Burdy: A Novel by Karen Zacharias Spears


  • The Widow of Wall Street: A Novel by Randy Susan Myers
  • Bonus Books:
  • The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by Celeste Fletcher McHale; Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey


  • Gradle Bird by J. C. Sasser
  • Bonus Books: Perennials: A Novel by Julie Cantrell; A Southern Girl: A Novel by John Warley;
  • The Lemon Jell-O Syndrome by Man James Conroyd Martin


  • The Library of Light and Shadow by M. J. Rose
  • Bonus Books:
  • Hawke’s Prey by Reavis Wortham;
  • World Enough by Clea Simon


  • The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman
  • Bonus Books:
  • Cooking for Ghosts by Patricia V. Davis;
  • Stars Over Clear Lake: A Novel by Loretta Ellsworth


  • The Hidden Light of Northern Fires by Daren Wang
  • Bonus Books:
  • When We Were Worthy by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen;
  • The Boy Who Wanted Wings by James Conroyd Martin