Yoga Tune-Up - Advice, Inspiration, and Instruction... by Kat Hendrix

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A straight-forward guide to jump-start or maintain your yoga practice with over 200 photos and illustrations. Yoga Tune-Up is written in plain language with a lot of heart, humor, and compassion to show you how to approach difficult poses in a series of steps and get more benefit out of easy ones. You'll learn how your body is put together so you can set up correct alignment, engage the right muscles, and make progress without injury. Yoga Tune-Up has something for everyone - whether you've been doing yoga for years or you're just starting out. You'll turn to this book over and over as your practice progresses and you're ready to learn more. Kat Hendrix, The Yoga Mechanic, has over 17 years of experience as an advanced yoga and anatomy teacher and holds a PhD in Public Health. She collaborates on yoga research funded by the National Institutes of Health to find out if doing yoga and regulated breathing exercises can improve symptoms and quality of life in people with scleroderma and cancer. Pick up your copy of Yoga Tune-Up today, and get on the road to a deep, rewarding practice that will make you feel better every time you get on your yoga mat.

Kat Hendrix, PhD, is a medical writer and anatomy instructor with over 17 years of experience teaching yoga and training new yoga teachers. She regularly writes about medical discoveries, new treatments and devices, and develops medical science publications for science, pharma, and technology companies. Kat also collaborates on grant funded studies of yoga and regulated breathing practices as inexpensive and accessible ways for people living with chronic health conditions such as scleroderma and cancer to improve their symptom management and quality of life

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