Traveler by Nola Nash (Pre-Order Releases 3/10/22)

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If history is trying to tell you something, you better pay attention before it's too late.

Shelby Starling is a train-wreck with a dream job-traveling the world writing promo material for Pioneer Tours, all the while hiding cracks in her armor behind a solid wall of snark and Chianti. But there's more to Shelby Starling than she wants to admit. History has a bone to pick with her, and isn't afraid to pull Shelby into the memories of her past lives to make its point.

Thanks to a universal misfire and the ineptitude of the gods, she must find her way back to the time she was destined for so she can stop living life after life watching great things happen instead of making great things happen. That is, of course, if she can get her shit together.

Will finding her destiny mean sacrificing love?

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