The Shores of Our Souls by Kathryn Ramsperger

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She's a sheltered American. He's a Middle Eastern diplomat. Can their love lead to lasting peace overseas?

New York City, 1981. Dianna leaves her small southern town for the bright lights and rich culture of the Big Apple and a prime job at the Met. Sparks fly when she crosses paths with a charming Lebanese diplomat. A shared night of passion launches her into an exciting romance and opens her eyes to a bloody conflict far from home. But as warring factions take hold overseas, she can't shake the feeling that her new love is hiding dark secrets.

Qasim has never known peace. When he gets the chance to bring his country's troubles before the United Nations, he abandons his family obligations to heal his war-torn homeland. But his true mission takes a detour when he falls for a beautiful American woman. Against the urging of his closest friend and mentor, he wants to share his heart and hopes with her.

In the face of cultural barriers and mounting war, can Dianna and Qasim find the strength to stand up for their love and a lasting peace?

The Shores of Our Souls is a moving, romantic multicultural novel that dares to defy convention.

If you like star-crossed chemistry, accurate historical details, and tales of redemption, then you'll love Kathryn Brown Ramsperger's award-winning tale of love against impossible odds.

Buy The Shores of Our Souls to embark on a barrier-breaking love story today!

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