The Midnight Lock by Jeffery Deaver

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The master of ticking-bomb suspense (People) Jeffery Deaver

delivers the latest thriller featuring his beloved protagonists Lincoln

Rhyme and Amelia Sachs as they search for a criminal whose fascination

with breaking locks terrorizes New York City. A woman awakes

in the morning to find that someone has picked her apartment's

supposedly impregnable door lock and rearranged personal items, even

sitting beside her while she slept. The intrusion, the police learn, is a

message to the entire city of carnage to come. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia

Sachs are brought in to investigate and soon learn that the sociopathic

intruder, who calls himself the Locksmith," can break through any lock

or security system ever devised. With more victims on the horizon,

Rhyme, Sachs and their stable of associates must follow the evidence to

the man's lair... and discover his true mission. Their hunt is

interrupted when an internal investigation in the police force uncovers

what seems to be a crucial mistake in one of Rhyme's previous cases.

He's fired as a consultant for the NYPD and must risk jail if he

investigates the Locksmith case in secret. The Midnight Lock

is a roller-coaster read that takes place over just a few days' time,

features surprise after surprise and offers a fascinating look at the

esoteric world of lockpicking

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