Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

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"An engaging novel that, at its core, wrestles at the struggle for personal happiness in the contemporary world. Sisters of the Undertow will resonate with anyone who's ever asked: 'How did I end up here?'"
--Cliff Hudder

"Johnnie Bernhard has Anne Tyler's knack for creating quirky, endearing characters with modest ambitions and big, beating hearts."
--Sharon Oard Warner

"Johnnie Bernhard writes with such humanity and genuine care for her characters that it's hard to leave them on the page. In her latest novel, Sisters of the Undertow, sibling rivalry between two very different sisters impacts the course of their lives, as storms swirl both inside and outside. I think we all feel swept up in an undertow sometimes, and Bernhard gives up something to hope for amid the wreckage."
--Erin Z. Bass

About the Author

A former teacher and journalist, JOHNNIE BERNHARD's work has appeared in University of Michigan Graduate Studies Publications, Heart of Ann Arbor Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, Southern WritersMagazine, The Texas Review, and Southern Literary Review. She is the author of the novels A Good Girl and How We Came to Be.

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