One Acorn's Journey by Rhonda S. Edwards

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Turbulent winds from an approaching tropical storm snatch an acorn from the safety of an oak tree and deposit it on the shore during the night. The acorn risks being washed away into the ocean or being eaten by a seagull before it's rescued by Hatokwassi, a Kiawah Indian. She tucks the acorn safely away in her pouch, carries it back to her village, and lovingly plants it in her garden. Hatokwassi imagines it as a gift for her village, praying for the branches to shade the garden, the boughs to provide a playground for the children, and the seeds to offer food for the squirrels. A picture book for children, One Acorn's Journey narrates the story of the Angel Oak, the oldest living oak tree in the United States located in Charleston, South Carolina.Rhonda S. Edwards earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the College of Charleston, Charleston South Carolina; received national board certification as a middle childhood generalist; and completed a master’s degree in English from a join program with The College of Charleston and the Citadel. Edwards teaches fourth-grade GAE in North Charleston. She and her husband live in the South Carolina low country.

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